Latitude 44° 29' North
Longitude 12° 17' East
Situated on the Adriatic coast of Italy.
Canal salt water density 1015 - 1030

Thanks to its strategic geographical position, the Port of Ravenna is an Italian leader in commercial trade with the East Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and plays an important role in trade with the Middle and Far East.

Port structure
The Port of Ravenna, a major 'canal' port extending for more than 14 km, holds the leading position in Italy for the handling of cereals, flour and fertilizers.
It is also an important commercial call for the general cargo and container business.

Length of the docks:

    Length of the Candiano Canal from Porto Corsini to the Darsena di città 11 km
    Length of the Piomboni Canal 2.5 km
    Length of the Piomboni Canal 2.5 km

Messages via Ravenna Radio, Ancona Radio, Venezia Radio, Trieste Radio - VHF/FM:
Harbour Master     Channel 16
Port services: Pilotage, Towing, Mooring     Channel 12
Port Informer     Channel 09
Mercantile trade     Channels 25, 26 and 27

The Ravenna Port Informer is in contact with ship agents and operates on Channel 09 (156.450 Mhz) from 06.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. every day including holidays.

The prevailing winds are from the NorthWest. The winds from the NorthEast (Bora) and SouthEast are less frequent but may reach gale force.

Fog may occur during wintertime, mainly from September to March.

Normally the marine currents at roadstead run in the direction of the coast both from North to South and viceversa. Generally the currents from North to South reach a speed of about 3 knots, while from South to North, currents are usually weaker.

Inside the Port the current is influenced by the tide, it may reach a speed of 2.5 / 3 knots at the Port entrance and decrease on the inner part of the canal.

The mean spring range is 0.52 metres and the tide variation is 0.91 metres max.

Working hours
The Port of Ravenna is open around the clock.

1st January ; 6th January ; Easter; Easter Monday; 25th April ; 1st May ; 23rd July (local holiday); 15th August; 1st November ; 8th December ; 25th December ; 26th December.

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