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We, as Nettuno agency, are serving in marine management . We mainly focus on the needs of our client with a solid culture of teamwork and personnel. Full range of marine services are provided through our agency. With our integrated management system, we wish to give expression to the principle that ensure quality awareness to our customers. The aim is to guarantee the highest possible quality of the services. We offer and take account of customer satisfaction in every respect through the continuous improvement of work processes. Nettuno shipping has become very strong and dependable in a very short time, while remaining faithful to its working methods and maintaining its position as a reliable company.
The Port of Chioggia is located in the homonymous basin, which is an integral part of the Lagoon of Venice, and in communication with the Adriatic Sea through its opening.
The port of call has two functions: the first one concerning inland navigation, connecting the Adriatic Sea and Po hinterland towns of Mantua, Cremona and Piacenza to Milan. the second one involves him in the role of coaster with a strong presence in areas such as ro-ro and ro-pax. Currently has two seaports : Isola Saloni and Val da Rio.

The port of call located in Chioggia, extended in an area of ​​100,000 square meters, 1,350 ml of piers and more than 47,000 cubic meters of private warehouses. It handles about 2 million tons of cargo a year, reaching the highest yield in relation to the linear feet of pier.

Includes : 350.000 mq of square
2.000 m of piers
16.500 mq of warehouses
4.500 m of crossing
4.200 mq of office districts
4.300 mq custom way
1.200 mq docks for sea highway
1750 mq docks in Isola Saloni

Port code ITCHI
Sea water average density 1,022
Location 45 ° 14'0"N,12 ° 15'0"E
Time Zone -1:00     
Draft 8.07
Port Type Harbor
Port Size Small     
Port Authority Chioggia Capitaneria di Porto

Address Piazza Marinai d'Italia
Chioggia, VE 30015
Phone 39 041 550 8211
Fax 39 041 404741
Email aspo@portodichioggia.it

Web Site www.portodichioggia.it

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Port Restrictions PDF 60.3 KB download

- H.M formalities ( ISPS mediation , request of bething, sailing      clereance , authorization to load/discharge bulk cargo..)
- H.M formalities for lightening operations
- arrival / departure practice
- renewal of anchorage dues
- effecting advance payments to captains (Cash to Master)
- disembarking / embarking of crew members
- Visa Schengen
- hotel accomodation
- car rental
- taxi service
- control & settlement of disbursements
- fresh water supply
- bunker
- oil supply
- general marine supply
- industrial services
- custom formalities
- protecting agent
- procedures regarding patients , injured persons
- mail deliveries to ship
- obtaining ship health certificates
- supplying and delivering spare parts and materials
- informations for all italian ports
- translator and trasnlation in different languages ( english , french , german , russian , croatian , dutch , japanese , turkish etc..)

Nettuno Shipping

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